Trendy Stockholm

Trendy Stockholm

Stockholm impressed us last summer when we visited it, because of the great architecture, the big number of trendy cafes and restaurants but also because of its great parks and nature.

We recommend everybody not only to visit the old city and the museums, but also relax on a boat trip or organize a picnic.
Stockholm cityscape
Railroads in Stockholm
Stockholm panorama
Buildings in Stockholm
Stockholm wide seascape
Stockholm coast
Cranes in Stockholm
Military parade in Stockholm
Stockholm riverside
Stockholm harbour
Stockholm amusement park
Stockholm panorama
Gröna Lund's Amusement Park
German Church, Stockholm
Stockholm City Hall
Riddarholmen, Stockholm
Stockholm house panorama
Stockholm houses on cliffs
Walk around Stockholm
Stockholm guard
Guard in Stockholm
Relax on the river side
Factory in Stockholm

Vasa Museum

Vasa is a ship which has sunk many years ago, soon after it was launched to water, after sailing only around a kilometer—big fail I guess. It was salvaged in 1961, almost intact and a museum was built around this ship. We visited this musem and were impresses by how big the ship is!

Vasa Museum, Stockholm
Vasa Museum, Stockholm
Vasa Ship, Stockholm

Stockholm Nature

Everywhere around there are places where you can train your sailing skills. There are sailboats all around! Stockholm has many parks not far from the old city. There is lots of green around and when our visit took place, we were lucky to see swanlings and ducklings swarming around.

Sailboats on Stockholm river
Sailboat on water
Sailboat in Stockholm
Three swanlings
Swan with its swanlings
Ducks swimming
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