Amsterdam panorama

Summer In Amsterdam

I usually need a few days to take a few good photos in a new city. I took me 3 hours to take the ones in Amsterdam. That says a lot! The weather was great, the sky was blue and perfect—with mushy clouds—and the light was nice. In the summer, the sun stays up on the sky until late and as the city center is round, there are always a few sunny streets, with good light! You only have to search for them!

Amsterdam—A Lively City

Amsterdam is in continuous movement! Tourists and locals are swarming the small streets of Netherlands' capital. At every corner there is something happening. Here is a nice square, with people resting in the sun and here is another one, where somebody is entertaining the tourists with a show!

Amsterdam Church
National Monument on Dam Square in Amsterdam
Dam Square in Amsterdam
Amsterdam shopping street
Amsterdam Central Station
Amsterdam Central Station

Canals of Amsterdam

It's no surprise that Amsterdam has lots of canals. There are kilometers of canals, about 90 islands and 1,500 bridges here. Plenty of space for the tourists to do cruises around the city. Considering how many canals there are, boats can be a good option for getting from one part of the city to another. Or to throw a boat party!

Amsterdam cruise boats
Amsterdam houses and boats
Hermitage museum, Amsterdam
Amsterdam National Opera
Motor boat moving on an Amsterdam canal

The Bicyles in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most bicycle friendly capital of Europe. There are bikes everywhere around you. Some people are talking on the phone while riding, others are writing phone messages, eating or even checking Facebook. As a tourist, you have to always be careful, to see from which direction is the next person riding a bike coming from! They are also fast! As a matter of fact, while I was watching the streets, I was almost sure that every biker is millimetrically avoiding the others. I've never seen any collision, but keeping in mind how close they were, I was expecting one anytime!

Man riding bike in Amsterdam
Amsterdam building with bikes in front
Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
Woman riding bike in Amsterdam
Bikes parked near Amsterdam canal
Lots of bikes parked in Amsterdam
Amsterdam bikes
Amsterdam boats and bikes

The Architecture

When it comes to architecture, Amsterdam is full of surprises. You can find small houses from the 17th century as well as large museums, palaces or cathedrals. The typical houses in the center have are made out of bricks and have big windows. Each of them has a hook on top, so that the people leaving there are able to carry their furniture in. Sometimes the houses are not perfectly aligned—this makes them look funny.

Amsterdam building facade
Amsterdam building and bikes
Amsterdam building facade
Amsterdam building facade
Amsterdam building facade
Amsterdam shop
Amsterdam building facade
Amsterdam building facade
Amsterdam building over canal with boats
Amsterdam building facade
Amsterdam building facade

Enjoying Amsterdam

Did I miss anything? "Yes, sure, you did't say anything about the nightlife!"—someone screams from the back. And I immediately answer: "I don't have any photos of that, as what happens in Amsterdam... you know... But trust me, it's great!"

I can only share that during the day, you can enjoy the good weather on one of the banks of one of the may canals, together with somebody you love. Relax and let the sun do its job!

Relax on Amstel bank in Amsterdam
Relax on Amstel bank in Amsterdam
Amsterdam panorama from above
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