After spending a day driving around the island and being mesmerized by the volcanic landscape we were totally in full holiday mode. No wonder next day the question that popped was: what sort of beach do we fancy today? When you are on holiday in Lanzarote, this is the sort of problem you need to solve!

The Papagayo Beach

On top of our list was Papagayo, the most well known of all the beaches around Playa Blanca—The White Beach. The beach is hidden away in an area of volcanic hills, therefore the road to the beach was full of adventure. We were lost a couple of times and ended up taking a rather bumpy dirt road. It was certainly worth it, because when we arrived at the beach we understood why it was so hard to reach. Papagayo, with its fine, pale golden sand and crystal-clear waters, sheltered by cliffs, is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Lanzarote.

The Famara Beach

On the northwest coast of the island, away from the resorts, there is Famara beach, a 3 km long stretch of sand and dunes. It’s a beautiful and unique landscape because it borders with a mountain on one side. Pedro Almodóvar chose this dramatic setting to shoot some key scenes of his last film, Broken Embraces. It's also the perfect playground for surfers or kiters. It’s hard not to mark this place as your favorite.

Black Sand Beaches

Lanzarote emerged from the sea as a result of volcanic activity, but only a few of its beaches have black sand. Here are some of them:

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