Santa Trinita Bridge in Florence

Bridges of Florence

The Arno River naturally splits Florence in two sides. It's now surprise that the two sides of the city are linked through bridges. What's interesting is how beautiful most of the bridges are and the way they dominate Florence's cityscape.

I took the next photo from the Michelangelo Square. From here you can have a nice overview of the bridges. The colorful Ponte Vecchio is the first in line, followed by the others.

Florence bridges panorama from above

Ponte Vecchio

The most iconic bridge in Florence is Ponte Vecchio, the Old Bridge. This bridge is always really crowded, from far away looks like there is perpetual party. What's really happening is that the mass of tourists wants to take selfies with the river and the next bridges. There is also a market on the bridge, where you can buy luxury goods, like jewelry and expensive watches.

Ponte Vecchio arch
Ponte Vecchio detail
Uomo comune, Florence

Ponte Santa Trinita

The Ponte Santa Trìnita (The Holy Trinity Bridge) is the oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world, the three flattened ellipses giving the structure its celebrated elegant appearance. This bridge is the most central one. We stopped here many times to eat ice cream and admire the river and the other bridges.

The Holy Trinity bridge, Florence
Portrait at the Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence
Portrait at the Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence
Ponta Santa Trinita arch
The Holy Trinity bridge detail

Ponte alla Carraia

The Ponte alla Carraia is a five-arched bridge spanning the River Arno and linking the district of Oltrarno to the rest of the city of Florence.

Ponte alla Carraia, Florence
Ponte alla Carraia, Florence
Ponte alla Carraia, Florence
Ponte alla Carraia with clouds, Florence
Portrait at the Ponte alla Carraia
Ponte alla Carraia with clouds

Ponte Amerigo Vespucci

It seems that drivers prefer this bridge, as there are always lots of cars using it to cross the river.

Ponte Amerigo Vespucci, Florence

Ponte alle Grazie

Another great bridge

Ponte alle Grazie, Florence
Ponte alle Grazie, Florence

Other Bridges

Ponte San Niccolo Small is a smaller, one arch bridge. Florence has other bridges for which I wasn't able to find the names.

Florence bridge
Bridge in Florence


I'll end the story with an overview photo to show how beautifully everything fits together and how the bridges bring more personality to the city. Florence is for sure a city worth visiting, an architectural beauty! Read more about Florence here.

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